We feed a normal seedmixture as the elemental food.

Also we feed frozen fly maggots that we buy in the fishing shop and pour over with
Cooking water. Afterwards they are flushed and tried on a towel and then frozen,
so they can fed at any time frozen.

My Meal Worms are fed with carrots and bran and before feeding to the birds I spray them with Vitamin liquid and than powder them with a supplements mix.

We feet also half ripe millet(white French), which we buy by a farmer in the near and freeze them. The half ripe millet is a very good food and is for the raising of the young birds absolutely necessary. It still is at the rispe, then the birds have one nature near nutrition and are also busy with the picking of the individual grains.

In my outside aviaries I have during the summer a wirebox in that I give old fruit.
After two days there are enourmous amounts of fruit flies within the aviaries which are very gladly eaten by all birds.

Half ripe french white before frosting

The drinking and bathing water is naturally changed every day.
The birds love´s it to bath and they need it for there health.

Likewise I feed sprouded seed which consist of different seeds like white French, japan, mungbeans, niger and the seed mix I feed for the birds. I give it for 1 to 2 hours into water than I flush it under the water than I give it in a dish 3 cm thick for approx.. 2 days than flush it again let it dry a little bit than I mix it together with my soft food, rubbed carrots and some supplements. Now its finished to feed to the birds.

The dishes for the sprouted seed are changed and get washed every day to prevent diseases.