The birdhouse in our garden has 7 flights which are approx. 2m long x 1m wide x 2,5,m high inside.
Outside there are the same size fully roofed. In the wintertime the house is heated up to 20°. The birds are inside at this time and the doors are closed but in the spring when the weather is fine again I open the doors normally in April to Oktober.

Birdcomplex in the garden

Birdhouse inside

Outside aviary with a pond infront

Cages inside the birdhouse for young birds

Next to the house there are 5 more aviaries but no direkt access to the birdhouse. The aviaries have littel sliding doors
so the birds can fly from one to the other .Thats good for the winter time because we can close the smaller aviaries with sliding doors from plexiglass. the birds can fly in the smaller, warmer aviaries and spend the night there. And its easier to catch a bird and he don´t get much stressed.
In the birdhouse there are also cages on the wall which are 80cm x 50cm x 50cm large they are for the young birds when I separate them from the parents than they sit there for one or two weeks to look at them weather they eat by there own.

At one box there is an exhibitioncage outside there are water and millet in. the juveniles love this millet so the must go inside to get it and than they get used of the exhibitioncage.
Afterwards the youngsters come over the summer into an aviary where can bath daily and moulder.


branches with nests

We breed the African Finches as well as the Masked Finches and the European Birds in the aviaries, which outside are plant with bushes and inside with thuja branches.
We breed with mostly with 3 to 6 pairs from each kind in boxes in the cellar . We clean the boxes every week and put newspaper on the floor.

Outside at the cage is a nest box that has the advantage that the breeding bird does not see if anybody is walking in front of the cage and is remaining on the nest and also it´s easier to make the daily nestcontrol.
At the back is a card where I can write down the breeding results.

Birdroom in the cellar